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Author: kellynumberfan
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Short Description:

Automoderator bot contains public and private list of words, turn off grey chat and contains a list of users to block automatically.

Full Description

* DESCRIPTION: Turn off Grey Chatter
* Block or replace certain Words
* Public words list - All users can see words
* Private words list - Never shown to public
* Block certain Users from chatting
* !list or !l- shows public words to room.
* !help - shows commands
* !block - block a user
* !unblock - unblock a user
* !showusers or !su - shows which users are banned
* !listprivate - shows private words to broadcaster only.
* !add - add a word to the public list
* !addprivate - add word to the private list
* Changes
* v1.0 - Initial Release
* v1.1 - Removed all non Alpha Characters from string. Example hack would get banned but hack? would not.
* v1.2 - Added replacing words instead of banning
* v1.3 - Fixed using block command on Broadcaster, mod or fanclub member
* v1.4 - Fixed words that contained spaces
* v1.5 - Fixed partial matched words (ex. ban word: hor; replaceword honey. if someone typed horror it would show honeyror)
* v1.6 - Added multiple replacement words that will be randomly chosen
* v1.7 - Fixed Block command
*v1.8 - Code cleanup
*v1.9 - doubled string lengths
*v2.0 - Fixed issue when word is not banned and a command was issued.

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