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Anotherguyonyourscreen's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
March 21, 1994
Interested In:
Last Broadcast:
4 hours, 8 minutes
Body Type:
the person who made this "bodytype" section is kinda weird lol. Everybody can look at me and decide
Smoke / Drink:
no cigarettes, alcohol about once a month or so:)
Body Decorations:
one tattoo
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

Hi everyone, I`m STRAIGHT guy who doesn`t have much to tell about himself but there are some facts, notices and requests:
I`m here to give u some positive emotions so if u feel like I`m annoying or stupid person - u`d better just chat with someone else;)
My room is more about chat than "urbate", and I do realize that it doesnt fit a whole concept of this site but Im sure there will be people who will find it worth spending their time here:)

Some general info about Go Chaturbate from the other side of the screen: neither the look in general nor the big genitals guarantees a good show for viewers. The guarantee of the really good interactive show is built on two stones: feeling RESPECTED and APPRECIATED. Sometimes I have to go offline after 30 minutes on cam because people in my room are demanding, rude and disrespectful. It breaks a nice vibe for communication and I feel like I am not a person but a piece of meat lol.

Ofc I do not complain, its a fucking porn site haha so some people get turned on being rude. And believe me nothing makes the atmosphere more chill, fun and sincere better than tipping. I also want you guys to know that your tips are more appreciated than you think.

I am not from those who spend every penny they get, my mom says I become and oldfuck since I was 7yo lol. So I realized completely that money itself are unable to make a person happy. I save up though, considering money as a thing which can help me to make my dream come true. I spend enough giving random people on the streets who need it (there are lots in my country).
But I do that not because Im a good guy, I am jerk, it only makes me feel good lol.

I do not even know why I just typed so much uninteresting personal info haha, probably just to let you know me better. In real life I am a "listener" type, people like to tell me something from their life or ask for advise. Didnt u notice that 95% of people are very egoistic during the convo trying to lead it to speaking about themselves. I think I am pretty lucky because listening is more valuable and comfortable for me so I never meddle hehe. Conversely, here I am a teller so know it is not typical mode of mine. But I realize that I enjoy chatting with polite and intelligent people here so I cant say that I am a camwhore whom only objective here is sucking money from people lol. I really enjoy this when people are cool and humorous. Thank you for that guys, your attitude matters as much as nothing else.

I haven`t been working out for more than two years, I guess it become unacceptable to pay so much attention to training sessions and diet. But as soon as I notice that my belly become fat I ll start again lol.
There are some really FREQUENTLY asked questions, that frequency even made me edit my bio lol (I am lazyass):

How much time it took to complete ur tattoos?: about 120 hours
How much did it cost?: no matter, it depends on a tattoo artist anyway
Do u model?: no, never tried, if u know some agencies I d be glad to have its contacts
whats ur height and weight?: 180/70

I am LOOKING FOR A PERSON (sorry it was just to get ur attention lol) who will help with removing all the piracy content from search engines, and of course I am ready to pay for that.

I`m completely straight but feel comfortable knowing that there are a lot of gay men watching me :)
Please dont text me anything like "Oh, u r infant and stupid, u ll regret about doing so much ink when u ll be 40/50/60" or "U r not going to get a job"
I ll be very grateful if u correct my mistakes in grammar/pronunciation.
And at last: I am always glad to chat, especially not about me and not about tattoos haha;) Thanks for spending ur time on reading my bio, lets chat:) (in case u have some special offers contact me on (anotherguyonyourscreen @ gmail . com)

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happytennisdude 5000, 3500, 2500x2
kimquebec 5x1000
warriormanagain 4000, 3000
atreyu_20 2222
around90210 2000+1000
kent128 1000
stargazerr01 1000

Thanks for those four heroes :)))

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